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Thursday, December 6th, 2012
7:01 pm
Petition the Goverment
I started a petition to the White House. Go sign it and share it.
Sunday, May 29th, 2011
1:51 am
I'm on Facebook, by the way. Friend me. Icabod Daily
12:27 am
Nothing was dry!
Had a great bedwetting this morning.
As usual, I woke up with a full bladder, and hard cock. I turned on my Macbook, and started cruising the web for my favorite porn. And with each hot image I let out a squirt. Hotter the image, the longer the squirt.
Well, after 40 minutes of this, the thin blanket on top of me was wet to my nipples, and I could feel the piss half way up my back underneath me.
I went to myfreecams.com and found live video of a chick with fantastic tits, and that did it. I let out one long stream. mmmm, it felt so good. The blanket on top stuck to me, it was puddling under me.
Well, that was it. It was time to turn everything off and go piss-nuts crazy. I closed the laptop, put it back, and let loose with the piss.
First I laid on my stomach, with my blanket on top of my back, and I pushed a long squirt out. I love feeling the piss pool around my cock, and stomach. I then moved down and rubbed my stomach and chest in the pissy comforter. I pissed again. I started humping the wet. I moved, and rubbed my face and hair in the piss-soaked spot.
I got on my hands and knees, and peed out a stream. Before it soaked into the blanket I plunged my face in the piss. I rubbed it all over my face, in my hair. When I pulled my head back, my hair was stringy, stuck to my face, and dripping with pee.
I did it again. Instead of burying my face in the piss, I put it against it, and kissed the pee. That's right, I made out with pee before it soaked in. I love pee so much I kiss it.
I commenced to roll around in my sopping blankets. Pissing when I could squeeze a squirt out of my hard cock. I laid on my back and pissed on my stomach and chest. I was slick, and smelled like pee. I was covered hair to top of my feet in pee. There wasn't a dry spot on me or the bed.
I couldn't take it anymore. I had to cum. I started stroking my piss-slick cock with one hand, while the other hand rubbed my stomach and chest, feeling the piss all over me.
Needless to say, I came, and came hard on my stomach. I laid there in my piss-soaked bed for about 15 minutes recovering from it.
Took a shower, and about 30 minutes later I went in the bedroom to put the bedding in the wash. But I was hit with that wonderful smell of drying pee. Mmmmmm, I breathed it in deep. My sore cock got rock hard again. I decided against washing everything, and just let it dry on my waterbed. Tonight, I'll sleep in my dry-peed blankets. Every breath a new inhalation of that incredible dry pee smell. And no doubt I'll be rewetting my bed in the morning.

So...who wants to spend the night with me? :)

Current Mood: horny
Wednesday, April 7th, 2010
8:59 pm
Didn't quite make it. :)
Saturday, October 24th, 2009
6:02 pm
I really need someone to pee on me.
Thursday, August 20th, 2009
9:59 am
I submit
Order or dare me to do something pee related. I want to feel powerless, under your control, and humliated.

Current Mood: horny
Tuesday, July 14th, 2009
3:13 am
Thursday, October 16th, 2008
2:48 am
Golden Sarah
I'd kill for a golden shower from Sarah Silverman. Christmas is coming, why don't you guys see what you can do about that for me. Thanks.

Current Mood: horny
Thursday, October 9th, 2008
2:25 am
Maybe you'll get it
Hi. Yes, I am still alive and pissin.' And I'm about to post something I never thought I'd post in this journal. An actual real entry that isn't about getting off.
I posted this at my regular journal a couple days ago.
Thanks to this BOOMING Bush economy, I was laid off in April because of a lack of business. Boy-howdy, did they hate to let me go. I mean, they felt terrible about it. But there wasn't enough money coming in, so me and some one else got the boot. And now I have a moral dilemma. There's a chance I could have a job close enough to bike to (I don't have a car,) doing what I did at my last job for the same money, no phones, no customers, type and listen to the iTunes all day. Good gig, eh?
Except part of the application process is a drug test, which I am so dead set against.
I've never taken any drug that wasn't prescribed to me by a doctor or bought at a drug store for a cold, allergics, or cranky stomach, so it's not like I'm afraid they'll find out I'm high on smack all the time. I think it's an invasion of privacy, violation of the 4th Amendment, and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much to ask for my pee for a job. I'm not flying a plane, taking care of children, or operating on people. There's no reason you need my whiz for this kind of gig. If the President doesn't have to take a drug test, why should I for a sit-n-type job? If I did spend my time off smokin' fatties till my eyes were red that's my business. It's an incredibly stupid way to spend my time off, but none of your business unless I show up at work baked out of my gourd. My reliable work history and lack of a criminal record should be enough, you fascists!
BUT, I've been unemployed since April, and last week my girlfriend got the sack. Combined unemployment checks may only barely, BARELY keep us from living with YOU. This is only the third offer in the last six months that's close enough to me. My unemployment will run out in two months, and it's looking like the only thing people will get from me for Christmas is a cup of Yo-Play. Not Yoplait, Yo-Play, the extremely generic 10¢ a cup yogurt. Who likes mixed berries and onion flavor!?!
So, I don't know if it's time to feel violated and pee for an overly intrusive employer who trusts no one and doesn't believe in innocent before proven guilty and probable cause. Or pass on this job and hope something comes along soon that doesn't ask for a golden shower.
Maybe I can sneak in a vile of lemonade and pour it into the cup. When they ask about my results I can say I really like lemonade. No, I don't even notice when I pass the pulp through my urine. Why's it pink? Ummmm, an infection from a misspent night in Mexico eight years ago. Do I get the job?

Except for one person at my other LiveJournal everyone basically says, "shut up and pee." But there's only part of it they can know.
There is the invasion of privacy, and incinerating of the 4th Amendment that chews at me like a rabid pitt bull with lipstick, but there's something else for me. I'm sure most of the people at the other LJ think of pee as nothing more than something to flush away. They wouldn't get that pee means more to me than that. And I am certainly NOT going to splatter it all over a public journal my parents, my girlfriend's parents, and people I don't want knowing read.
Beyond a body function, pee is sexual and intimate to me. I'm fussy who I share my pee with, and I only share it with people I have that pee or romantic connection with. Yes, I've peed my pants in public at the slightest whim, but it was MY pleasure. It was a personal thrill for me.
For me having an employer ask me to pee for them is like when Walt Disney asked Minnie Mouse to show more skin in that bit on Family Guy.
It's like someone holding a gun to me and ordering me to have sex with his mother while he watches, or something. I feel very violated, dirty, and shameful. (Not shameful in the fun way.)
So, I dunno, I figure you guys would understand that part of being ordered to pee in a cup.

Current Mood: cranky
Wednesday, August 15th, 2007
11:44 pm
My picture
Face and allCollapse )

Current Mood: silly
Friday, June 15th, 2007
4:10 pm
Great Video!

Current Mood: horny
Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006
12:16 pm
I heard about this, but I found the video yesterday. It's incredible!

I can't stop watching it! Anyone know how I can save it to a disc, or get a DVD-VHS copy of it? I would marry that girl in a second if I wasn't taken! I peed my pants at work when I saw it yesterday. Just a bit. About a 2 inch round wet spot. My long shirt covered the pee spot.
Seeing stuff like that makes me want to casually pee my pants anywhere, anytime. Which I expect to do later today at the grocery store.

Current Mood: horny
Wednesday, June 14th, 2006
4:06 pm
I was nudged by a friend to update. I really wish I could, but I still don't have any working computers at home. Only places I have with computerating abilities is at my parents house and work. Both aren't really the place to write my detailed exploits.
I really miss, miss, MISS checking out all my sexual freakazoids LiveJournals.
Hey...maybe one of you can send me a new Mac. That'd be really cool!

Current Mood: gloomy
Thursday, January 26th, 2006
12:27 pm
Just to let you all know, I've been without a computer for three weeks, and who knows when I'll have one that works again at home again.

Wet Pants in Houston YOU are a GOD to me!!!!!!!!

Current Mood: Blue
Friday, November 18th, 2005
3:22 am
You scored 23% Experience, 22% Adventurousness, 23% Kinkyness, and 23% Corrupt!
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2:54 am
I've been computerless for three weeks. But my first ex-girlfriend gave me her computer, so I'm back, and I have stories. When I'm more awake I'll tell you about 'em.
Saturday, October 15th, 2005
1:56 am
Sex Test '05
Swiped from Geminibalance

1. Have you had it? Yes
2. You like it? With the right person
3. How many people have you had sex with? 2
4. When was the first time you did it? May 16, 1996 11:00-11:05 PM
5. When was the last time you did it? August 2002
6. Do you like to give oral? Rarely
7. Do you like to swallow or spit? neither
8. Have you received oral while driving? Yes
9. Have you ever given oral while someone was driving? No
10. Do you like porn? Yes
11. What is your favorite position? Girl on top
12. What's the craziest position you have tried? Doggy. Didn't do anything for me. I've had little experience.
13. What's the craziest/kinkiest thing you have done sexually? wet my waterbed and rolled around in my peed bedding until I was covered in piss.
14. Have you ever tried anything with someone of the same sex? Yes.
15. Would you or have you ever had sex with more than one person at the same time? I'm curious to try.
16. Have you ever had sex outside? Yes
17. Have you ever had sex in a car? No. How is that possible in an average car? There's no space for proper boinking.
18. Have you ever had sex at work? Received oral.
19. Where is the craziest place you have had sex? On the deck of my first girlfriend's pool, while construction people constructed the house next door.
20. Where you would love to have sex but haven't yet? Movie thatre.
21. Best place in public that you have done it? The pool deck.
22. Have you ever been caught having sex? No
23. Have you tried anal? Blech no.
24. Do you have a significant other? Now I do. But she's 1,800 miles away.
25. Would you have sex with someone other then your significant other? Yes, but I couldn't do it, even if she gave me her full permission.
26. Have you ever been caught cheating? I've never cheated.
27. Have you had phone sex? Lots. A few paid, but mostly from friends into my kink, and my current girlfriend.
28. Have you ever Video Taped yourself doing anything sexually? Yes
29. Have you ever taken or had taken any naughty pictures yourself? Yes
30. Would you have sex with someone from LiveJournal? Yes
31. Have you had oral sex with someone from LiveJournal? No
32. Who is the one person on LiveJournal you want to have sex with? My girlfriend. That's not trying to get nookie points in the nookie bank. We work WAY too well sexually.
33. Have you ever masturbated and thought about someone from LiveJournal? Yes
34. Ever played with food, ice or veggies?? No
35. Would you do a virgin? Yes
36. Have you done a virgin? No.
37. Do you like to pull hair? If the other likes it.
38. Do you like to bite? If the other likes it
39. Do you like to spank or be spanked? I discovered last night the idea of being caned by my dominatrix girlfriend for peeing in my pants REALLLY got me going.
40. Do you like rough sex? yes
41. Do you like to involve sex toys when you have sex? yes. leashes, collars, cuffs, canes.
42. Do you own any sex toys? No
43. Do you like naughty talk when having sex? Yes
44. Do you like to be called names when having sex? Yes!
45. How loud do you get when having sex? Not very.
46. Are you a moaner? sometimes
47. What are your fetishes? pee, domination, submissive, humiliation, bondage, wet clothes, public nudity, public pants-wetting. I'm sure I'm forgetting a couple
48. Do you like anything done to your nipples? Sucked
49. Do you like to suck or lick? Suck
50. Are you submissive or Dominant? I can switch to the other on a dime
51. Are you into s & m or bondage? A little of both
52. Have you ever been tied up? Yes
53. Have you ever been handcuffed? Yes.
54. Have you ever choked or been choked? No.
55. How often do you masturbate? 2-3 times a day.Sometimes more.
56. Have you ever 69'ed? No
57. Would you ever want to experience sex as the opposite gender?Yes. I'm curious what it's like on the other side of the weiner.
58. What type of animal would best describe you while making love/having sex/fucking? Koala? I don't know enough about how which animal boinks to pick one that's like me. Which animal goes YEEEEEEARS between nookie?
59. MAKE LOVE OR FUCK? Make love
60. Have you ever given someone a strip show? yes
62. Ever do anything naughty with something you shouldn't have? No
63. What was the weirdest thing your partner requested of you while having sex? I like peeing my pants in public. Anything else my previous two have asked are way less weirder than that.
64. List one of your fantasies. My Dom filling me with water, forcing me to wear my "PISS ON ME!" shirt and faded blue jeans. Putting a collar on me, and lead me around on a leash at the mall ordering me to wet my pants in front of everyone laughing at me.
65. Have you had sex in a REALLY public place...Just that pool deck. Receive oral in the breakroom of a Target.
66. Have you ever gone on webcam and done anything naughty? I don't have a webcam.
67. AFTER ALL THIS ARE YOU HORNY RIGHT NOW? Too late and too tired right now. But it doesn't take much to change that.
68. Is it just sex to u or is it more? More, with the right person.
69. Would you have sex with the person you ganked this survey from? Yes, I would. She sounds exciting. But I'm waaaaaaay too loyal to my girlfriend.
Sunday, August 14th, 2005
2:01 am
Masturbation survey
Let's see what I've done so far.

1. Masturbate in a store or shop rooms (A few times when I worked at Target.)
2. Masturbate in a public restroom - Done (at work)
3. Masturbate at the computer - Done
4. Masturbate watching porno - Done
5. Masturbate watching self in a mirror - Done
6. Masturbate in the shower or bath - Done
7. Masturbate with food - no
8. Masturbate with a homemade or strange toy - no

9. Masturbate in parking lot - Done
10. Masturbate in a Store or Shop dressing rooms- no
11. Masturbate in a Public Restroom (at work)
12. Masturbate in a Resturant - no
13. Masturbate in an Elevator - not yet
14. Masturbate with a someone watching - Done
15. Masturbate while talking to a friend or relative on the phone - Done (friend)
16. Masturbate with frozen dildo wet plastic one left in the fridge - no

17. Masturbate in the woods or park - Done
18. Masturbate in an alleyway - Done
19. Masturbate with someone else who is naked - Done
20. Masturbate before an open window - Done
21. Masturbate while using public transportationtrain, tram, taxi, ferry and probably others - not yet
22. Masturbate another as she returns the favour - Done
23. Masturbate in a public library - no
24. Masturbate in a club or bar - no
Saturday, April 30th, 2005
11:34 pm
Have A Drink
Got positive replies from people about my last entry.Pretty neat, since I did a half-assed job at it.(That’s why the spelling errors.)It would’ve been much better if I did a full-assed job.
Back in March I got an offer from Wet Set to write a story for them. So I did. And they said...
That's a fantastic, incredibly descriptive story! I would love to include it in an upcoming issue of Wet Set Magazine.
I was reasonably sure from our e-mails you were a guy. That said, you write incredibly well as a girl, it was by far the best
submission I received (and I got nearly 20).

Generally I give away a DVD instead of the copy your story appears in, because I can never be sure what issue your submission will go into, so it is very hard to go back and work out who is who. I could throw in the current issue with your DVD if you'd like, basically because your story was so good.

Finally, I might include it as a story, not as a letter because I don't want to cut it down in length at all.

Thanks again, and yes, if you were to write more like this, I would be most interested and would happily continue sending you products.

So, I’m going to be a published fetish writer. Pretty freakin’ cool, but maybe not something to bring up with my parents at the Mother’s Day dinner.
My pseudonym for the story is “Irene Priscilla Freely.”
Clearly I have LOTS of pee stories in me. And I’m happy to write more, but, as much as I liked the pee porn DVDs (which came this week. And, well, I came a lot this week, too,) I would like cash for my stories. Anyone know where I can find a list of publications that pay for pee stories? Or if you know what magazines, sites, big-budget movie studios pay for pee porn, that’d be good, too.

Ever get so horny you just don’t fucking care anymore? That’s what happened tonight.
I just drank my own pee. The thought always grossed me out, and I tried it once in 1997, and when two drops hit my tongue I dry heaved and gagged for 15 minutes. It was morning pee, and I was recently told morning pee is very bitter.
Came back from peeing my pants in public tonight, and still had lots of pee in me. So I opened my pants, laid in the tub, and let go. Piss was splattering all over my shirt, hitting my face, and getting in my hair. It turned me on so much I opened my mouth and aimed into it.
They’re right. Morning piss is terrible. Night piss wasn’t so bad. My mouth filled with it, and it just tasted like salty water. Since I like salt I kept the aim in place. My mouth filled up and piss overflowed out over my chin and down my neck.
It was very very naughty. I liked it!
Anyway, pants, shirt, face, hair covered in piss, masturbated, and shot my cum on my shirt.

Current Mood: Wet
Wednesday, March 2nd, 2005
1:53 am
Univac 2000
Just to let you all know, if you've replied to me, I'm not blowing anyone off. My computer blew a vaccuum tube, so when I do get my computer working from time to time, I have so many other things I gotta get done before the screen wigs out and the whole thing blinks off.
Just know I love all you wetters, but that love isn't free. C'mon, get a pool started and send me $1,000 to buy a new computer! Chop, chop, people! I'm mostly a submissive, but I can be dominant when I have to, so let's get that cash to me quick!

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