Icabod Percival Daily (i_p_daily) wrote,
Icabod Percival Daily

Masturbation survey

Let's see what I've done so far.

1. Masturbate in a store or shop rooms (A few times when I worked at Target.)
2. Masturbate in a public restroom - Done (at work)
3. Masturbate at the computer - Done
4. Masturbate watching porno - Done
5. Masturbate watching self in a mirror - Done
6. Masturbate in the shower or bath - Done
7. Masturbate with food - no
8. Masturbate with a homemade or strange toy - no

9. Masturbate in parking lot - Done
10. Masturbate in a Store or Shop dressing rooms- no
11. Masturbate in a Public Restroom (at work)
12. Masturbate in a Resturant - no
13. Masturbate in an Elevator - not yet
14. Masturbate with a someone watching - Done
15. Masturbate while talking to a friend or relative on the phone - Done (friend)
16. Masturbate with frozen dildo wet plastic one left in the fridge - no

17. Masturbate in the woods or park - Done
18. Masturbate in an alleyway - Done
19. Masturbate with someone else who is naked - Done
20. Masturbate before an open window - Done
21. Masturbate while using public transportationtrain, tram, taxi, ferry and probably others - not yet
22. Masturbate another as she returns the favour - Done
23. Masturbate in a public library - no
24. Masturbate in a club or bar - no
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