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A Place for my Fantasies

Some Real. Some Imagined.

Icabod Percival Daily
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Some things in this journal are true. Some are my fantasy fetish stories. It's up to you to figure what's real, and what's not.
accents, b&d, bare, bare skin, bdsm, bed wetting, bedwetting, being in love, being tied up, being wet, bettie paige, body paint, bondage, boobies, boobs, boots, breasts, brunettes, chains, chunky chicks, cleavage, college streaking, corsetry, corsets, costumes, creativity, cross dressing, crowds, cum, cum facials, cum shots, cumshots, dares, dirty talk, dominance, domination, doms, erotic, erotic photography, erotic pictures, erotic stories, erotica, exhibitionism, exhibitionist, exposed, face fucking, facials, female domination, fetish, fetish photography, fetishes, flashers, french maids, fucking, getting head, getting laid, getting off, getting wet, golden showers, harnesses, hetrosexuality, hippies, hips not hip bones, horny girls, humiliation, latex, leashes, leather, leather dykes, lingerie, little nipples, making out, masturbating, masturbation, max hardcore, multiple orgasms, naked, naked chicks, naked girls, naked people, naked pictures, nipples, nude, nudes, nudists, nudity, pants wetting, panty peeing, panty pissing, panty wetting, pee, pee play, peeing, peeing in my panties, peeing in my pants, peeing outdoors, peeing outside, peelover, perky nipples, petite girls, pic trading, pics, pictures, piss, pissing, porn, public, public nudity, public pants wetting, pvc, redheads, role playing, roleplaying, rubber, sex, sexual, sexual fantasies, sexuality, shame, sharing fantasies, skinny dipping, slave, spandex, stark naked, streak, streakers, streaking, submission, submissive, submissives, subs, swapping piss, tits, titties, truth or dare, urine, vinyl, voyeurism, voyeurs, watching people pee, watersports, webcams, wet, wet clothes, wet panties, wet sex, wetting, wetting the bed