Icabod Percival Daily (i_p_daily) wrote,
Icabod Percival Daily

Nothing was dry!

Had a great bedwetting this morning.
As usual, I woke up with a full bladder, and hard cock. I turned on my Macbook, and started cruising the web for my favorite porn. And with each hot image I let out a squirt. Hotter the image, the longer the squirt.
Well, after 40 minutes of this, the thin blanket on top of me was wet to my nipples, and I could feel the piss half way up my back underneath me.
I went to myfreecams.com and found live video of a chick with fantastic tits, and that did it. I let out one long stream. mmmm, it felt so good. The blanket on top stuck to me, it was puddling under me.
Well, that was it. It was time to turn everything off and go piss-nuts crazy. I closed the laptop, put it back, and let loose with the piss.
First I laid on my stomach, with my blanket on top of my back, and I pushed a long squirt out. I love feeling the piss pool around my cock, and stomach. I then moved down and rubbed my stomach and chest in the pissy comforter. I pissed again. I started humping the wet. I moved, and rubbed my face and hair in the piss-soaked spot.
I got on my hands and knees, and peed out a stream. Before it soaked into the blanket I plunged my face in the piss. I rubbed it all over my face, in my hair. When I pulled my head back, my hair was stringy, stuck to my face, and dripping with pee.
I did it again. Instead of burying my face in the piss, I put it against it, and kissed the pee. That's right, I made out with pee before it soaked in. I love pee so much I kiss it.
I commenced to roll around in my sopping blankets. Pissing when I could squeeze a squirt out of my hard cock. I laid on my back and pissed on my stomach and chest. I was slick, and smelled like pee. I was covered hair to top of my feet in pee. There wasn't a dry spot on me or the bed.
I couldn't take it anymore. I had to cum. I started stroking my piss-slick cock with one hand, while the other hand rubbed my stomach and chest, feeling the piss all over me.
Needless to say, I came, and came hard on my stomach. I laid there in my piss-soaked bed for about 15 minutes recovering from it.
Took a shower, and about 30 minutes later I went in the bedroom to put the bedding in the wash. But I was hit with that wonderful smell of drying pee. Mmmmmm, I breathed it in deep. My sore cock got rock hard again. I decided against washing everything, and just let it dry on my waterbed. Tonight, I'll sleep in my dry-peed blankets. Every breath a new inhalation of that incredible dry pee smell. And no doubt I'll be rewetting my bed in the morning.

So...who wants to spend the night with me? :)
Tags: bedwetting
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