Icabod Percival Daily (i_p_daily) wrote,
Icabod Percival Daily

Sex Test '05

Swiped from Geminibalance

1. Have you had it? Yes
2. You like it? With the right person
3. How many people have you had sex with? 2
4. When was the first time you did it? May 16, 1996 11:00-11:05 PM
5. When was the last time you did it? August 2002
6. Do you like to give oral? Rarely
7. Do you like to swallow or spit? neither
8. Have you received oral while driving? Yes
9. Have you ever given oral while someone was driving? No
10. Do you like porn? Yes
11. What is your favorite position? Girl on top
12. What's the craziest position you have tried? Doggy. Didn't do anything for me. I've had little experience.
13. What's the craziest/kinkiest thing you have done sexually? wet my waterbed and rolled around in my peed bedding until I was covered in piss.
14. Have you ever tried anything with someone of the same sex? Yes.
15. Would you or have you ever had sex with more than one person at the same time? I'm curious to try.
16. Have you ever had sex outside? Yes
17. Have you ever had sex in a car? No. How is that possible in an average car? There's no space for proper boinking.
18. Have you ever had sex at work? Received oral.
19. Where is the craziest place you have had sex? On the deck of my first girlfriend's pool, while construction people constructed the house next door.
20. Where you would love to have sex but haven't yet? Movie thatre.
21. Best place in public that you have done it? The pool deck.
22. Have you ever been caught having sex? No
23. Have you tried anal? Blech no.
24. Do you have a significant other? Now I do. But she's 1,800 miles away.
25. Would you have sex with someone other then your significant other? Yes, but I couldn't do it, even if she gave me her full permission.
26. Have you ever been caught cheating? I've never cheated.
27. Have you had phone sex? Lots. A few paid, but mostly from friends into my kink, and my current girlfriend.
28. Have you ever Video Taped yourself doing anything sexually? Yes
29. Have you ever taken or had taken any naughty pictures yourself? Yes
30. Would you have sex with someone from LiveJournal? Yes
31. Have you had oral sex with someone from LiveJournal? No
32. Who is the one person on LiveJournal you want to have sex with? My girlfriend. That's not trying to get nookie points in the nookie bank. We work WAY too well sexually.
33. Have you ever masturbated and thought about someone from LiveJournal? Yes
34. Ever played with food, ice or veggies?? No
35. Would you do a virgin? Yes
36. Have you done a virgin? No.
37. Do you like to pull hair? If the other likes it.
38. Do you like to bite? If the other likes it
39. Do you like to spank or be spanked? I discovered last night the idea of being caned by my dominatrix girlfriend for peeing in my pants REALLLY got me going.
40. Do you like rough sex? yes
41. Do you like to involve sex toys when you have sex? yes. leashes, collars, cuffs, canes.
42. Do you own any sex toys? No
43. Do you like naughty talk when having sex? Yes
44. Do you like to be called names when having sex? Yes!
45. How loud do you get when having sex? Not very.
46. Are you a moaner? sometimes
47. What are your fetishes? pee, domination, submissive, humiliation, bondage, wet clothes, public nudity, public pants-wetting. I'm sure I'm forgetting a couple
48. Do you like anything done to your nipples? Sucked
49. Do you like to suck or lick? Suck
50. Are you submissive or Dominant? I can switch to the other on a dime
51. Are you into s & m or bondage? A little of both
52. Have you ever been tied up? Yes
53. Have you ever been handcuffed? Yes.
54. Have you ever choked or been choked? No.
55. How often do you masturbate? 2-3 times a day.Sometimes more.
56. Have you ever 69'ed? No
57. Would you ever want to experience sex as the opposite gender?Yes. I'm curious what it's like on the other side of the weiner.
58. What type of animal would best describe you while making love/having sex/fucking? Koala? I don't know enough about how which animal boinks to pick one that's like me. Which animal goes YEEEEEEARS between nookie?
59. MAKE LOVE OR FUCK? Make love
60. Have you ever given someone a strip show? yes
62. Ever do anything naughty with something you shouldn't have? No
63. What was the weirdest thing your partner requested of you while having sex? I like peeing my pants in public. Anything else my previous two have asked are way less weirder than that.
64. List one of your fantasies. My Dom filling me with water, forcing me to wear my "PISS ON ME!" shirt and faded blue jeans. Putting a collar on me, and lead me around on a leash at the mall ordering me to wet my pants in front of everyone laughing at me.
65. Have you had sex in a REALLY public place...Just that pool deck. Receive oral in the breakroom of a Target.
66. Have you ever gone on webcam and done anything naughty? I don't have a webcam.
67. AFTER ALL THIS ARE YOU HORNY RIGHT NOW? Too late and too tired right now. But it doesn't take much to change that.
68. Is it just sex to u or is it more? More, with the right person.
69. Would you have sex with the person you ganked this survey from? Yes, I would. She sounds exciting. But I'm waaaaaaay too loyal to my girlfriend.
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